10 Cool Facts About Space

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It Is Practically Endless

Space is huge, so vast we can’t properly wrap our heads around it. It might not be endless but to us it could as well be. With its billions of galaxies, each containing billions of stars and the space between them, just thinking about it will make your head hurt. And this is not all, it keeps expanding. The theory goes that after The Big Bang our universe expanded in all directions and keeps going. At its current size the right question is not how big it is but what will happen when it reaches its limits.

It Has Some Very Weird Things Floating Around

The amount of weirdness inside of Space is enough to fill up ten lists on its own. Maybe the most popular straight up weirdness are the black holes, with gravitational pull so strong they can gobble up the light itself. Or that space cloud, which has alcohol vapors. Or how about a floating diamond(which is a collapsed star but there will be many years before people reach it). And we have seen only a fraction of the vast thing called Space. Studying it is very exciting indeed.

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